Posted on: November 30, 2008 12:58 am

Extreme Makeover: Notre Dame Edition

The once-proud Notre Dame program is now in shambles. It is one thing win you are not winning. I, and I am sure many fans of teams around the nation can agree with me on this, can stand a losing team. I will not be a "bandwagon fan" and jump ship for losing. However, Notre Dame is a similar (but much less scandalous) situation that Indiana University's basketball program was in last year. Their image has been destroyed. Charlie Weis, at least for me, comes across as an apathetic coward. It seems like once a week I see a story about how "Weis will take over play-calling duties this week." Then the Irish go out and lay an egg on the offensive side of the ball, and all of the sudden, it was the OC calling the plays.

So here's how I would fix Notre Dame, and get it back to its glory days:

1) Fire Weis.... ASAP- As a ND fan, I find that with every passing day, I think it is more and more of a disgrace to call ND "My Team."

My problem with Weis is the way he goes about doing things. Gives away way too much to the media. Seems too distanced from the team. Not good qualities in a coach, if you ask me.

2) Find the Right Replacement.... And Do Not Wait- Whether it's Brian Kelly, or Pat Fitzgerald, find the right guy. Don't wait and let him get lured to another team.

My preferred Weis replacements is Pat Fitzgerald. I love how he has turned Northwestern around. Seems like a disciplinarian. Exactly what ND needs.

3) Find the right recruits. Throw,, ESPN150, and all the like out the window. Rankings mean nothing. When you can put Heart and Work Ethic down on paper, then I'll look at rankings. Mike Anello was a walk-on. Now look at him. Look at Mid-Major Conference teams. They don't get the 5-star recruits. And yet, the Ball St.'s, Boise State's, and BYU's are constantly competing. Athletic measurables tell you the ceiling of a player's potential. Intangibles tell you whether he'll reach the ceiling or not. And do not lower academic standards. Yes, it'll make the upward climb a little easier, but I, as have many ND fans, have talked about the Florida's, and the Miami's, and how football players are not held to the same standards that students are. I do not want to be a hypocrite.

4) Find the right balance with discipline- Weis has the perfect storm in this case. No discipline, and has distanced him from his players. Usually, a coach who is too tough distances himself. And a coach that tries to be the nice guy has no discipline. Find the spot on the middle of the spectrum that has players respect you. They will be disciplined, and WANT TO WIN. It seems like these players could care less.

I truly feel these four things are crucial to ND returning to the perennial powerhouse it once was.

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